The Forksville General Store &       
Restaurant is a 160 year old historic           
 landmark located in the picturesque              
 Endless Mountains of Northeastern               
 Pennsylvania.  Owners Mike & MaryAnn     
 moved their family from the hustle and        
 bustle of Philadelphia, to the quiet country   
 side upstate, when they seized the                 
 opportunity to own their own business.

 Born and raised in South Philly, Big           
Mike always dreamed of being able to one     
day own his own business and live in an         
area that spoke to his heart. -
"This place is  like no other.  Being a       
professional  musician my whole life, I've     
had the opportunity to travel the world       
and nothing seemed to compare to the         
beauty and serenity of the Endless                 
Mountains.  I originally fell in love with        
the area back in the '60's when a group of   
us used to come up camping at World's        
End State Park.  I believe this is where I      
was meant to end up in life, and I'm lucky    
to be able to share this with my family."

Mike's wife, MaryAnn, was no stranger     
to the restaurant business with her success   
as a business manager/chef in quite a few     
South Jersey establishments.  When the        
opportunity arose to purchase his own           
business in a place he loved, Mike and            
MaryAnn decided to breathe new life into     
the old store. -
"With my wife's experience   in the         
food industry and my experience as    a        
South Philly Italian growing up around        
hoagie shops and cheesesteak joints, we      
decided that we found our nitch! We're         
known around here for offering 'A taste of   
South Philly in the Mountains' and you         
better believe we've got the philly flavor      

Along with offering lunch and dinner, the   
restaurant  serves breakfast daily                   
beginning at 8 a.m., and is located only 2        
miles from World's End State Park.  Every    
saturday night, Forksville comes alive with   
"Saxdaddy on the Loyalsock" dinner and       
live entertainment provided by Big Mike
'Saxdaddy'.  This show  has been credited      
 with putting the
Forksville General         
 Store & Restaurant
on the map by           
 being featured in numerous articles and        
 local television broadcasts.  Reservations      
 are required to get tickets for the dinner      
 show but Saxdaddy can assure you that        
 you won't find anything else like it! -
"We bring VEGAS to FORKSVILLE!      
And remember, what happens in                    
Forksville, stays in Forksville!"

It took over 10  years for Big Mike &          
family to turn an old, run of the mill general  
store into a thriving restaurant and tourist    
attraction.   They made it possible with a       
lot of hard work, dedication, and support       
from friends and customers alike.  -
" We are family owned and operated     
and are proud to be one of the few 'Mom     
& Pop' businesses still in operation.  Our       
goal is to make you our friend and valued    
customer for as many years as you'll have   
us.  We hope that this tiny spot, in the           
breathtaking Endless Mountains of                
Pennsylvania, will forever hold a special      
 place in your heart as it has in ours."
                                 -Big Mike & Family


 The General Store continues to provide   
its customers with basic necessities such      
as groceries, camping supplies, bag ice,         
bundles of fire wood, and novelty items        
such as pure maple syrup, old~fashioned     
candies, coffee mugs, souvenir shirts ,          
post  cards, magnets,etc.   
Forksville General Store &          
is a great place to bring the     
 family, take a romantic drive through the   
 scenic mountains to visit, or to come and     
 "Taste the Difference."  Big Mike & family  
 look forward to bringing you excellent         
 quality, delicious ingredients, and most        
 importantly customer satisfaction.                
 Remember: you have not truly                     
 experienced the Endless Mountains of         
 Pennsylvania until you've visted this            
 historic world... just across the covered        

Customer Testimonials:

"We were up Sunday and for the first time had breakfast
instead of the usual Hamburger, cheese steaks and wraps. I
can now say I don't think you can get a bad meal there at all!
Loved the home fries wit whiz!!!! Will be back up in February for
the Winterfest! Can't wait to hit you guys up!!!"

-Kerry Kerschner

"I like your breakfast portions and your steak sandwiches is
like having a little bit of Philly in the mountains! The service is
always friendly and the food is always good!"
-Steve Rodgers
Oaklyn New Jersey

"My family always stops at the Forksville Restaurant  for some
great food on our way to our summer house in Canton from
Drexel Hill, PA. We love all the food especially the
cheesesteaks and everyone who works there is so friendly.
Thanks for running such a wonderful restaurant and store."

-Deb Hudnut
Drexel Hill,PA

"There is no better place in the world for great entertainment
and wonderful food!! Everyone is AWESOME!"

-Marlene Howe Bower

"The best bargain ... Great Food...Up close, Vegas Quality
Show......In all of Pennsylvania!"

-Gerald Gephart Sr.

"We were at Worlds End for the weekend and came in Friday
night for dinner. The meal was awesome! Next time we come
back we decided to not pack food but just pack snacks and
have all of our meals at your Restaurant! Only being 30
minutes outside Philly ourselves, it was neat to learn that the
owners are from this area also! Thanks for the great
cheesesteaks and burgers!"

-Melissa Price

"My Husband and I were there last night~~Had a wonderful
meal and tons of fun~~Bought a CD of Michele's (Wonderful)
and all the music was great~~~Can't wait to go back~~~~What
a show Mike and Company~~"

-Candace Henry Welshans

"Best breakfast in Sullivan (and beyond!)"

-Adam West

"Place looks awsome, U and ur family are amazingly cool and
that food was great.....looking forward to gettn down that way

-Andrew Gilkinson  

"Thanks for being there when we need you. Just drove up from
LockHaven on Saturday. Great rolls."

-John LaRose

"If you are anywhere near Forksville, take the time to take
advantage of Sax Daddy's dinner show on Saturday nights! We
had an awesome time tonight! Two old friends entertaining us
in an intimate setting. How surprised we were when Mike
brought out his young daughter with an amazing voice and
super keyboard skills. We soon found out why he looked on at
her with a "proud Papa" expression... Michelle is very talented!
What a great way to usher in my 40th birthday! We will see you
all soon!"

-Diane Pocono
"Project Runway: Season 1" winner - Fashion designer Jay
McCarroll, stopped in for a bite to eat and visited with Big
Mike & the FRX crew

Dedicated to keeping the '"Mom & Pop" tradition alive for
over 150 years!
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Nascar Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.,
stops in for lunch and visits with
Big Mike.